Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

So you need a Marketing Strategy Plan. Irish Webs has several years of experience in Internet Marketing Strategy, we can develop your online visibility above your competition. We offer a range of Internet Marketing Solutions – including online advertising like Google Ad Words, Social Media, Website Optimisation and SEO to the development of custom Internet Marketing Strategies specifically designed for your unique business. Contact Irish Webs to discuss your online goals. Ask us to take a snapshot of your current online position & develop a report. internet-marketing

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

In order to compete in business today we need to advertise either locally or online.

Online advertising is a cheap & efficient way to promote your business or products.

Marketing is now the big buzz word but its not that difficult to understand.

Let Irish Webs  help you to get started with your first online marketing campaign.

Contact us for more information and we will call you back.


Online Payments

Online Payments

Cheques are being phased out in 2015,,, How will you receive payments !!

Having an online payment solution saves time and money for you.

There are several types of online payment solutions available today.

Here are Some of the best payment solutions that we found and use at Irish Webs.

Paid Versions have a monthly fees & transactions charges ranging from 1.7% – 2.5%.

Free Versions only having transaction charges ranging from 2.4% – 3%.

The best Free online versions we found and use is…srtipe

Stripe ( Only transaction charges).

Developed by the Patrick and John Collison two Irish Brothers .

This system only requires the same information as a reception terminal to charge a customers card.

  • Customers 16 digit card number
  • The Card expiry date
  • The cvc code on the back of the card.


The best paid version we found is Elavon .


  1. Bluetooth card reader ( €99 plus vat ) to buy .
  2. Reception terminal ( €15 plus vat) per month.


The second best Free online versions we found and use is…paypal logo


  1. PayPal ( Only transaction charges).

Used worldwide on websites for shopping carts and Pay Now Buttons.

This system only requires your paypal account if you have one.

It will accept all credit and debit cards if you have not got a PayPal account.

However it does require a lot more information from your customer.

  • Customers 16 digit card number
  • The Card expiry date
  • The cvc code on the back of the card.
  • Customer Name & Address
  • Customer Phone Number & Email
Smartphone Integration

Smartphone Integration

Get all your email, meetings & reminders arriving at one place.

Price plans from €15 per month for unlimited calls, texts & internet.

Smartphones are a great way to save you time are work everywhere.

Control your reservation system all mail and social media on the go.

Irish Webs  can help you to get the most out of your smartphone quickly.

Contact us for more information and we will call you back.

Unlock Mobile

Unlock Mobile

Why Unlock My Mobile Phone

Unlocking your mobile allows you to use almost any network available in your area and in other countries. You will still keep your number so no need to worry about that. The unlocking process takes about 2 hours but can be up to 24 hours once accepted by your current network.

It Will Save You Money.

When you unlock your phone you can use any SIM card on almost any network. Unlocking your handset to other networks, allows you take advantage of cheaper tariffs from competing networks at home & abroad.

Your Current Network Provider

Your current network provider is obliged to provide you with the unlock code if you require it for your phone once you are out of contract. Unlocking your mobile phone is a completely safe when done correctly. You do not need to send your mobile phone away for unlocking. Unlocking a phone is a simply process that will free your phone and save you money.

Here are popular network providers that will guide you through their process to unlock your phone.

O2 Ireland

Unlock O2 Phones


Unlock Vodafone Phones


Unlock Meteor Phones


Unlock Three Phones


Unlock E-mobile Phones

Tesco Mobile

Unlock Tesco Phones

Why Social Media ?

Why Social Media ?

So you think that Social Media is Facebook & Twitter !!!

Social media is how people create, share, and exchange

information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Positive, negative or indifferent ?

Watch this short video to really understand social media.

We think your will be surprised & your opinion will change !

Your Customers

Your Customers

You must protect customer information from misuse or theft.

What kind of customer information do i need to keep

  • Name & Address
  • Email address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Account information
  • Payment information
  • Credit / Debit card information
  • Customer transactions

How Do I Keep my customers information & records safe:

  • Its not safe to have customers information just written into a diary or on documents on your Pc
  • Keep all customers information on a separate media like a memory stick or removable hard drive
  • When finished for the day remove the media and put it into a safe or secure location
  • Store customers information into an encrypted document like Microsoft word for Microsoft excel
  • Back up customers records regularly to keep records up to date
  • Do not give passwords to anyone for documents or accounts or application access
  • Avoid emailing any customer information like bank accounts or credit / debit card information
  • Do you store customer information on mobile devices like phones, tablets, laptop etc.
  • What happens if you loose your mobile device or its gets taken from you                         

 See This Video On How To Encrypt Microsoft Documents.

At Irish webs we  can create customized encrypted documents and spreadsheets for your organisation.
There is an obligation upon you to do whats practicably possible to make this information secure.
Irish Webs has now made you aware of these requirements regarding your customer information.
We are available to assist & advise measures that will help you to protect your customers information.

Also See…Data Protection Comission

Please contact Irish Webs if you would like any further direction.

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